Abscond, the Lost Fleet


That was the name given to a fleet of refuges from a world long dead. The name of this world was already forgotten by history, deprecating simply into "Homeland".

Homeland was a luxurious world. It had dense forests, vast seas and a most pleasant clime. It was a world of elves and dwarves, halflings and orcs, goblins and humans. There was war, as with most worlds in the vast multitude of universes, and it was one of the big wars that sparked Abscond.

In the last war of Homeland, known as The Spark by the eldest scholars, the combined might of all the goodly folks were facing of against the armies of Nishrek, the Iron Fortress, the divine domain of Gruumsh One-Eye.

And they were losing.

As a last resource, elven and human wizards started to develop new magical weapons to fight the unending hordes of Nishrek. These weapons were devastating, a single spell able to raze mountains to dust and slay more than ten thousand orcs. But these weapons came with a price.

The land began to die as the battle proceeded and the weapons were used. Each usage of the spells drained from the land and the cosmology surrounding it. No one remembers for certain when the Sun itself started to turn purple, but everyone, even the Gruumsh himself, knew the devastating effects the Purple Sun had.

A truce emerged soon after the Rise of the Purple Sun, Gruumsh surrendering and returning to Nishrek, wanting to stay out of the fatal effects the Purple Sun had on any under it's brilliance, and so peace returned to Homeland.

The people fled into the Underdark, the huge system of caves bellow Homeland and, when the radiation of the Sun became so intense as to penetrate the outer layers of the Underdark, Abscond was born.

Under the same ceiling, the goodly folks and the monstrous races began building a massive fleet that would take them out of Homeland and away from the Purple Sun, into open space and, hopefully, into a new planet.

Abscond's been in space for almost a millennium now, and even the oldest elves were but mere children when the fleet took to the skies, and the truce that once held all the races together is starting to fade away into myth and legend. Trapped in iron containers, forced to live side by side with their natural enemies, conflicts started to erupt among the Slumships of Abscond, leading to a division of the races among the slumships, instead of the mixture of races there were in the departure from Homeland.

Still with no new Homeland in sight, the fleet drifts in space, looking for his final destination.

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