Chapter 0: The Meeting - Part 2: The Firesoul Genasi

"A letter from the Spellguard, hey?" the genasi says, holding the piece of paper in her hand, still in her sleeping attire. "I've left the force more than 3 years ago. What do they want from me now?"

She dropped the letter on the table, moving to her room to get dressed. She donned her leather armor and moved towards the stand were Grazier was set. This sword had been a gift from her parents when she left her home. It all seemed distant now, the longsword being the only connection between her and her parents. Reverently, she strapped the scabbard on her belt and slid the longsword in it. Then she looked at the clock.

"Holy shit! I'm late!" she said, vaulting over her bed and running for the door, grabbing an apple and the letter as she went, tucking the letter in her pocket. She closed the door on her apartment and, without stopping, launched the apple up in the air and unsheathed her sword. She vaulted over the ledge of the second floor parapet where her apartment was, going into a somersault. As she spun, her blade cut through the air and through the apple. She landed nimbly, going into a forward roll, sheathed her sword and, extending her arms to the side, she caught a piece of apple in each hand. She started to sprint along the streets, gnawing on the apple as she did. When she was finished with the apple, she took another look at the letter "The meeting is going to take place in the Old West Bar. They do keep an eye on their former agents, it seems."

She almost missed the bar, so focused she was on trying to discern what the Spellguard wanted from her, but she quickly backtracked and entered without ceremony.

Her eyes instantly went to the unusual duo in a corner table, the odd sight of a burly minotaur reading a book while an halfling next to him flipped a coin in his hands. She moved along towards the barkeep. "Hey Bill, sorry I'm late, yet again." she said apologetically.

"No biggie, Ephemera" the barkeep, Bill, said to the genasi. "The night's still calm."

"Hey Bill, would you take a look at this letter?" Ephemera asked, handing the barkeep the letter, her eyes still fixed on the strange duo.

"The Spellguard, hey?" Bill finally said, after examining the letter "And here at the bar, of all places." he handed the letter back to the genasi "You don't worry too much about your bouncer duty and focus more on this Spellguard business."

"Will do, Bill." the genasi said, already moving forward, nearer to the table were the duo was, intent on keeping an eye on them. Surely they would be here for the same business.

"Be careful Ephemera." the barkeep called after her, moving to take another mug of ale to the burly minotaur, already on his sixth drink.

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